Who am I?

Jacob Vicencio - Oslo, Norway 
Born and brought up in the busy woods of Siggerud, Ski. 

Got my hands on my first DSLR camera in 2011, whereas I started taking portraits. I then started with cosplayphotography in 2012, but was mostly just for fun.

Two years later, 2014, was the year I decided to focus more on cosplayphotography. I must say I'm quite happy I went for that direction, while I still actively capture portraits.

I've been attending conventions and events such as Desucon 2012-2018, Mela Festivalen 2015, KawaiiCon 5-9, HordaLan 2017, Närcon Sommar 2017, Torucon, KatsuCon and so many more to come!


In other words...

I do portraits, cosplayfashion/streetmoe and cosplay-photography. Need a photographer? Send me a message by writing in the form further below!


If you have any questions, or want to book a shoot, just fill inn the form at your right side and hit send!

Sweet! I'll get to ya' soon.

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Social Media

I am active on Instagram and Facebook, hit a like or two, or even follow for more!

Instagram: @Jacob.cr2

Facebook: @Jacob.cr2